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Safe & Scaleable Planning

"Can my event still happen?" Yes! 

Apsara is here to help your event move forward with "Safe & Scalable Planning" services. Together we will walk through a checklist of safety measures and identify areas that require further consideration. Where possible, Apsara will help create a plan to enhance safety for your event, guests & vendors. For a limited time, this service is included complimentary when Full Planning services are booked. 


In large or smaller number, which is best? How to help your guest list meet the current/projected travel recommendations? 


How to best provide your guest with the optimal  experience, while accommodating for personal preferences


Buffet, family stye or plated meals? From prep to service, knowing how and who is handling your food is key to enhancing safety. 


What measures or policies has the venue put in place to ensure the safety of your guests? Is there a cancellation or refund policy which makes sense for you?


Ensuring vendors have the set necessary tools & strategies so they can provide safe & professional services.


How do you create a great beverage experience and enhance safety?


Hotels, Rental Properties, which is best to keep guests safe and comfortable? 


What level of personal protective equipment (PPE) is right for the safety of yourself,  guests and vendors?

Eliminating all risk is and always has been impossible. However, identifying keys areas (as listed), and planning for them can help reduce risks, and enhance safety. Our belief is that events will become safer and better than ever. To help achieve this our we are offering a complimentary"Safety & Scalability Checklist" phone/video consultation to EVERYONE! 
Cheers to your safer Celebration! 

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